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Daisy Goes Flying
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Daisy Goes Flying
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The creator of the original Daisy Mae Biplane, Reese, Marvin L., of Shell Knob, Mo., born Nov. 11, 1934, passed away Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, 2011. Although he is gone from this world, he will live on through all of us as we build and fly his creation, the Daisy Mae Biplane.

The copyrights to the plans and the book now belong to Flight Addictions LLC. The owners and staff of Flight Addictions LLC will continue to honor the memory of Marv Reese, and will continue to offer the plans, the book The Making of Daisy Mae, as well as a full materials kit through Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. We are dedicated to helping our builders through the build process, so please don't hesitate to contact us.


Phone: 321-750-8551


Daisy's Book

BOOK INDEX - This will give you an idea of what is covered in the book.

The Thought Process, Why design, Design Parameters, Rules of Thumb, Moments, The Wing, Balance, Airfoil - Thrust Line, Washout - Incidence, Neutral Point, Books - Tools - People, Basic Math, Airfoil Plot,Control Lift, Estimating, The Cockpit, Begin Weight & Balance, Figuring Moments, Spar, Geodetics, Ribs & Placement, Engine Compartment, Templates, Scaling Up, Jigs - Templates & Other Interesting Stuff, Rib Jig, Aileron Hinging, Laminated Wing Tips, D Section, Differential Aileron Travel, Basic Control System, The Fuselage, Making it square, Gussets & Dowels, Lofting, Laying it out, Work Bench, The Vertical & Horizontal Surfaces, Motor Mount Jig, Landing Gear & Fuel System, Bungee or Spring, The Jig, Camber&Toe-In,Tank Layout & Template , Baffles, Attachment ,Tank vs. Mock Up, Placement , Fiberglass Parts & Engine Stuff, Making Fiberglass Templates & Plugs, Shaping & Laying the Glass, Forming the Cowling, Finishing the Cowl Contour, Other Fiberglass Parts, Carb Heat Box, Air Filter Box & Eyebrows,Firewall Grommets, Wiring Diagram, Fuel Shut Off Valve, Check Lists & Thinking, Flight Time & Instructor, Useful Conversions, Pick The Cloth, The Paint System, Inspection & Failure Considerations, The Total Procedure in Covering, Bias Tape & the First Part To Cover, Rib Stitch Spacing & Tying, Fabric Layout, Drain Grommets, Making Decals, Wing Ready to Stitch, Wing Holding Jig, Stitching-Prep & Foo-Paws, Dog Biscuits, Rib Stitching, Painting, Helpful Tips, Trim, Lettering & Detail ,Cable Exits, Boot Cowl, Cabane Fairings, Antenna ground plane, Covering the fuselage & Landing Gear, Attachment of the Wheel Pants, Making cable exits, General painting thoughts, Lettering & stencils, Cockpit coaming, Upholstery, More Weight & Balance, Airworthiness, Taxi & fuel testing, The flight.

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I just bought your book from Aircraft Spruce and I love it.  Your writting style is great and it looks like you have designed a great airplane ........................
    Hal S. - just finished a homebuilt -

For an aspiring homebuilder like me, with little knowledge or skills at this point, I found the The Making of Daisy Mae to be an inspiration. It is very, shall I say, "irreverent," perhaps even bawdy, laced throughout with Marv's own sense of humor, which had me laughing and shaking my head in amusement at virtually every turn of the page. But I learned a great deal from Marv Reese about airplane design and construction, and other things too, not the least of which was that if you are persistent and focused, you can move mountains, or build a great airplane, over a relatively short time...........
    Ed L. - Magazine writer

............ about the plans. I like them they look great , lots of details and the cd's and dvd are a great help.....
    D.R. - Rogers, Arkansas

I have your book...love it!  I was going to try to design a biplane using it, however Daisy looks like what I really want.  So could you please e-mail the legal stuff so I can order the plans? 
I want to be an OPSB too!................................
    Wendell (Wendy) H. -  
Menifee, CA.

You have really put together a fine piece here, this is really a first rate publication.  The art work is great, it looks like something that's been done by someone who does this for a living.  I've had a chance to get into the guts of the book, WOW! This thing is a treasure for anyone who even has the slightest inkling of designing or building.  Do you know how many hours and hours I spent searching and digging for some of the formula's and other data in th book when I was trying to design the Scarab?  This thing is like the Rosetta Stone.  Once word gets out I'm afraid you may have a very large seller on your hands. .........................
    J.A. - Springfield, Mo.  (EAA member)

I have to Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have already read through the first chapter and love it.
    M.S. - Denver, Co.

"It is the only design book, on anything, that I have read from cover to cover and for an old bold pilot I think that says a lot............ You took a lot of the vinegar out of design aerodynamics in the book and made it palatable..........For those of us who are not homebuilders, the high quality humor carries it"
    J.D. - Crane, Mo (professional pilot)

I have started reading it, you are definitely not a dry writer.........
Your book is very humorous. Wish you the best.    
    T.R.-Wichita, Ks

First of all I'm very impressed with the quality of the book it's self. I had expected something like computer paper that had been hole punched and placed in a plastic 3 ring binder.  This book would be right a home on a shelf at Barnes and Noble. Secondly the humor in this book is priceless. If all technical manuals were written like this there would be a lot more engineers in the world because people could actually stay awake and finish what they are reading.
I really liked the chapter on the graphics and paint work. It's a fine book that I'm proud to add to my library of homebuilt airplane material.
    T.B. - Rogers, Ark. (aircraft builder)

.......I picked up your book, and read it from cover to cover.  I loved it!  Great information... great entertainment.... If I had the space, I would probably already be designing my own.......You did a terrific job with the book..............
    T.C. -Albuquerque, New Mexico    (IMAA member)

.......""I almost hurt myself laughing at your wiener dog and Viagra story. Great Stuff. The glossary is a hoot as well." ..........
    C.D.- Battle creek, Mi.
(Model Builder & EAA)

"I enjoyed reading your book, and read it all" .......... "If I was going to design a plane, your book would be my bible.  I will be sharing your book with my circle of friends.  Enjoyed your humor."
    Bill L. (Hollister, Mo. - CFI - Ret. Air Midwest Pilot - 26,000 hrs. - A/C Author

The only thing additional that I might say is that if you don't mind a slightly rowdy comment or two then you should thoroughly enjoy this book.  If you are looking for simple answers on how to design your own airplane, then I truly believe this is the only one on the market and I think some of the above testimonials give credence to that statement.  You will not have to dig out your worn Calculus or Trigonometry book to work the formulas.  If you on the other hand are an aerodynamic purist you will probably go nuts about my simple explanations.  All I can say is that I had a lot of friends that were aeronautical engineers for major aircraft manufactures and when I gave them that 'Deer in the Headlights' look, we finally got down to simple answers and that is all I offer in my book.  I have purchased several books about Design and Homebuilding that remain on the shelf because I have no frigging idea what they are talking about.  You can order your book through Aircraft Spruce and Specialty or from my link below:

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Wing Span - 23'                                                       Empty Wt. - 780 lbs.
Wing Area - 173'                                                      Normal Flying Wt. - 1100 lb.
Fuselage Length - 18.5 '                                           Gross Wt. - 1300 lb.
Fuselage Height - 7'                                                 Stall Speed - 40 Mph.
Horizontal Area - 22.8 s.f.                                       Cruise Speed - 80 Mph.
Vertical Area - 10.1 s.f.                                           Landing Speed - 55
Horizontal Tail Vol. Coeff. - .35                              Wing Loading @ gross - 7 lb. per s.f.
Vertical Tail Vol. Coeff. - .026                               Pwr. Loading @ gross - 13 lb. (100 h.p.)
Main Cockpit Dim. - 27w x 26"                              Rec. Engines - 85 to 115 h.p.
Max. Pilot Wt. - 250 lb.                                          Prop - 74 x 33
Max. Baggage - 20 lb.                                             Wing Incidence - 3 deg. both

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Plans for Daisy Mae

Plans for Daisy Mae consist of 22 pages that are sized 18 by 24 with full size rib and former drawings and a hardware sheet that shows what parts you will need to fabricate while building the airplane. Each plan has a serial number and carries a copyright.  Each page is dimensioned so that you will know the exact size of everything you need to build and has many 3 dimensional drawings and exploded views for ease of understanding.
In addition, every plan set comes with a CD loaded with over 280 photos taken during the construction process. You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words and these will make it perfectly clear how each part was  fabricated.

Each plan will carry a serial number to assist you in your FAA certification as well as protect the design to only those that actually purchased them.  If you don't use them, then you can sell them.  I have no problem with that.  If you run off a copy or two I may just come over to your house with an AK-47 or worse yet a damned lawyer. As a result I must say that once you have bought them, they are yours & non refundable.  I have also included 2 videos of her in flight so that you can actually see for yourself that she really is a pussy cat to fly as well as a darned pretty and a well proportioned biplane.  The first 20 sets will include a nice photo.

The Plans Release Form is included with the plans.  It is simply a bunch of Legal-ez stuff that covers my hinney in case you screw something up and get hurt.  After all I make no claim to being any kind of licensed engineer so if you need one, then hire one.  After you sign & return the Release, I will then forward a Partial Material List,  a short Builder Manual & all plan updates.

If you are an experienced modeler, woodworker or aircraft builder, you should have no trouble creating Daisy Mae and when you are finished you will ......
   EnjoyThe Satisfaction Of A Lifetime.

Just don't blame me when members of the opposite sex want to be around you all of the time and you find yourself surrounded by envious onlookers everywhere you land. You will simply have to allow more time at each airport or Fly-In. So if you land and have to pee .. run, don't walk to the nearest potty otherwise you might wet yourself while answering questions.

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